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Energy Management System

Tor Shield is a modular energy management system aimed at giving complete visibility and control of the electricity consumption across any manufacturing setup. Through Tor Shield’s web application, source-level, panel-level, as well as individual machine level data can be monitored. This granular visibility can help companies drive energy conservation initiatives as well as preventive maintenance schedules. Each machine is fitted with a multi-function energy meter that transmits data via our proprietary edge gateway over the cloud which is then displayed over the application.

The data also feeds into our proprietary Shield Insights which provides actionable insights e.g. best & worst performing machines, hierarchy based electricity consumption analysis, specific energy consumption, savings due to energy efficiency measures, loss of power/availability analysis, harmonic analysis and power quality index based on voltage and current THD, auto generated reports, live alerts and warnings via email and WhatsApp & more. Also all energy parameters’ data log can be further analysed graphically. The plug and play module of Tor Shield provides unmatched security and is designed to work in harsh conditions. The application comes with an inbuilt library of energy meters which makes front-end configuration hassle-free. 

Additional Information:

    • Capacity: 100 per day
    • Delivery Time: 1 week

Key Features

Single line diagram view
Patented Shield insights
Centralized Load manager
Specific energy consumption visibility at shop/line/machine level
Complete electrical parameters management
Standard energy library meter for plug and play installation
Energy efficiency ROI caluculator
Live alerts and warning
Industry specific report

Key Parameter Coverage

Live MonitoringVoltages, Currents. Active Power, Reactive Power. Apparent Power, Kw hr. KVA-hr, Pf, THD
DashboardEnergy consumption trends, Cost trends. Maximum demand, Pie charts
Drill DownOrganisation level, Plant level, Section level, Load level views
AnalyticsInsights, Graphical analysis. Time series analysis
ReportsSection wise daily log. equipment wise daily log. Min, Max average report
Alarms and WarningsUser settable based on threshold values
Add-on FeaturesBus-bar temperature monitoring, breaker status
Birds eye viewSingle-line diagram with the parent-child relationship
Meter ConfigurationWeb configuration with standard libraries and user settable MODBUS RTU commands

Get insights into the current operational issues

  • Front end configuration of gateway and plant single line diagram for monitoring
  • DIY installation of gateway guided by a video.
  • Compatible with major multi function panel meters for easy deployment.

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