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Industrial Automation Drives

AC Drive

Designed for easy installation, connection, and commissioning.


Flexible, ruggedized and easily programmable controllers with great precision and reliability.


Designed to support a wide range of communication drivers.


Quad core CPU
SSD, Low Power, Low Heat, Variety of Interfaces.

Industrial Enclosures


Welded (Bhartia) Boxes Terminal Boxes BCH-SS Boxes

Modular Enclosure

Techno Modular Enclosure Semi Modular Enclosure TCE Series Floor Standing Enclosure Smart Line Enclosure TEOS Enclosure

IT Racks

19” Wall Mount Racks 19” Networking Racks 19” Server Racks ETSI Racks Open Racks Accessories 19” Racks

Compartmentalized Enclosure

Compartmentalized Enclosures

Control Desk

Control Desk

Power Control

Power Contactor

BCH Moulded Case Circuit Breaker comes with high ultimate short circuit breaking capacity (Icu) & service short circuit breaking capacity (Ics) starting from 10 KA to 50 KA.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

BCH Miniature Circuit Breaker is a high-performance device, able to disconnect Short circuit currents up to 10KA and conforms to Standards: IS/IEC 60898-1 ( 6A-63A), IS/IEC 60947-2 ( 0.5A-5A).

MCB Distribution Boxes

BCH offers a wide range of compact, aesthetically appealing & elegant distribution boxes with unique user-friendly features.


Switch Disconnector Fuse are designed for industrial applications, conforming to IEC-60947-3/IS-13947-3.

Air Circuit Breakers – ACB (Terasaki)

Unique arc chamber design permits vertical stacking that minimizes switchboard height. The TemPower2 series comes equipped with RMS sensing over-current releases (OCR) offering a wide range of protection functions and capabilities.

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers – MCCB (Terasaki)

World class range of Tembreak-2 Moulded Case Circuit Breakers are manufactured to latest International Standards & suited for a wide range of applications.

Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)

Residual Current Circuit Breaker ( RCCB) is a safety device used to automatically detect and trip against leakage current, ensuring protection against electric shock to human life and damage to electrical installation/property against fire.

Motor Control Products

Power Contactor

BCH Contactor are compact, which gives customer extra space and more flexibility and have a rugged construction to boast a long electrical and mechanical life. BCH Contactor and overload relays are ideal for tough industrial applications.

Special Purpose Contactors

BCH capacitor switching contactor is an ideal solution for switching single & multiple capacitor banks upto 60 KVAR Capacitor duty contactor are specially designed to handle high inrush current associated with capacitor switching.

Control Relay & Accessories

Control : AC/DC Contact Configuration : 2NO+2NC, 3NO+1NC, 4NO Pure DC control

DC Contactors

DC Mill Duty Contactors have been designed keeping in view the arduous environment and duty conditions in tough industrial application e.g crane application in a big steel plant.

Vacuum Contactors

BCH Vacuum Contactors are ideal for tough application. The compact design provides high flexibility to customers with reduced maintenance cost and zero downtime.

Overload Relays

BCH Overload Relays provides complete protection against overloads, single phasing, and severely unbalanced voltages—all in accordance with IEC 60947-4-1 / IS 13947-4-1

Motor Protection Circuit Breaker (MPCB)

BCH MPCBs (Motor Protection Circuit Breaker) suitable for motor protection with built–in overload, single phasing & short circuit protection.

Solid State Relay

Solid State Relay electronically switches power to a load circuit, Solid-state relay has no moving parts, Therefore, there is no mechanical wear and tear on contacts.

Wires & Cables

Flame Retardant (FR)

Our FR LSH cables are manufactured using individual conductors drawn from 99.98% bright electrolytic grade copper with more than 101 % conductivity & insulated with FR-LSH Grade PVC compound.

3 Core Flat Cable

BCH Flat cables are made with the best material inputs and manufactured with on line measurement and monitoring of various parameters including dielectric strength, thereby ensuring a flawless, reliable and consistent product with repeatability in Quality.

Single & Multi Core PVC Flexible Cable

PVC Insulated copper conductor Single & Multi core cables suitable for a Voltage grade of 1100 V. Use of 99.98% pure ETP grade copper ensures lower resistance and thus lower heat losses.