Industrial Demo Kits

Kimaya Automation Pvt. Ltd. provides Training and Training kits for Students & Employees.

Also, we provide Industrial Demo kits for Product marketing.

Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies assumes to engage in an ongoing learning process. Having well trained and up to date employees is the only way a business can compete in a digitally complex world.

Technical skills are the capabilities that employees need to possess in order to fulfill their common tasks. Technical training may be required not only for new employees but for all the

employees directly involved in technical jobs in order to keep up with the extensive development of technologies. Most of the time technical skills are job specific.

Technical abilities need to be improved by everyone. To deliver the training, you might need to bring in third parties, which doesn’t come inexpensive, but technical employment skills training has so many advantages that it should be seen as an investment in the company rather than a cost. Employees who find themselves under-trained are not satisfied. They are more

Likely to leave their current job and find an employer to invest in them. By comparison, studies confirm that trained employees are much more productive than their untrained counter parts. Promoting skills development builds not only a more productive but also more committed personnel.

  • Renu PLC + HMI

  • Serial/TCP Communication

  • AWS Cloud mySQL Database

  • Ambetronics iOT Gateway

  • iOT Dashboard

  • Android & iOS Mobile Application

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